Monday, August 15, 2005

Foraging For Comics: the November DC Solicits

Okay, DC, what're you giving me for my birthday?

Written by Andersen Gabrych
Art by Pop Mhan & Jesse Delperdang
Cover by Tim Sale
The dramatic conclusion of "Destruction's Daughter!" It's a battle royal in the Balkan palace of the deceased Ra's al Ghul between Batgirl, Mr. Freeze, Lady Shiva, Nyssa, the League of Assassins, an army of zombies - and that's not the half of it!

Mmmmm... zombies.

Written by Grant Morrison
Art and cover by Frank Quitely
DC launches the newest addition to its All Star line of comics - where the industry's top creative talents refine the iconic focus of the world's greatest super-heroes. Writer Grant Morrison (JLA, SEVEN SOLDIERS) and artist Frank Quitely (THE AUTHORITY, New X-Men) - the acclaimed team behind JLA: EARTH 2 - are at it once again, this time to strip down the Man of Steel to his timeless, essential elements. The series kicks off with a 12-issue story arc touching on all the classic aspects of the Superman mythology, starting with a daring rescue of a doomed group of helionauts on the surface of the sun. The massive amounts of solar radiation affect Superman in a way no one could possibly anticipate - except Lex Luthor!

I predict that Superman's new power will be the ability to reach out of the comicbook and smack the writer around. It's really about all he hasn't done yet.

Written by Gail Simone
Art by John Byrne & Nelson
Cover by Dan Jurgens & Kevin Nowlan
The Queen of Fables - last seen in JLA - has come for her Prince Charming: Superman! There will be no happy ending for the Man of Steel when he confronts her and a host of Kryptonian fairy tales is brought to life!

Superman vs. dragons. Squee. Thanks for the present, Gail.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning
Covers by Jim Lee & Sandra Hope and George Pérez
The biggest comics event of the year is just getting started! The heroes are divided as chaos erupts across the world and the universe - from Paradise Island to the farthest reaches of space. But what strange new force prepares to help? And, more important, why? Plus, a time-lost hero returns in search of an object that will turn the tide of one of the many wars. Guest-starring Supergirl, Alan Scott, Metamorpho, Animal Man, Firestorm, Power Girl and dozens of others! Retailers please note: This issue will ship with covers by Lee & Hope (50%) and Pérez (50%).

Can a book about a universal cataclysm really have "guest stars?" By the way: Lamest cover Jim Lee's done in a while.

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Art by Ron Randall, Art Thibert & Walden Wong
Cover by Adam Kubert
The Hawk team welcomes a new cover artist - comics superstar Adam Kubert - in an action-packed issue that serves as a prelude to Rann/Thanagar War! Hawkman and Hawkgirl battle Satana's animal men during a daring heist and Brother Eye unleashes an OMAC on St. Roch as they prepare to leave for deep space! Plus, Hawkman reflects on his last meeting with the Atom!

A "prelude" to a miniseries that's already over. You gotta admire their balls.

JLA #122
Written by Bob Harras
Art by Tom Derenick & Dan Green
Covers by Daniel Acuña
"World Without a Justice League" Part 3 of 6! The Key has struck again! While half of what was the JLA investigates the bizarre murder scene, the other half looks to recruit a new member: Supergirl. But the entire group is called to action when OMACs appear on the scene!

If OMAC stands for "One Man Army Corps," why the hell are there so many of them?

Written by Grant Morrison
Art and cover by Doug Mahnke
Doug Mahnke (JLA) joins Grant Morrison for an amazing new miniseries in the Seven Soldiers saga! A bizarre butterfly store opens its doors in a small American town. Pretty, popular teenagers are mysteriously transformed into self-loathing, awkward nerds. A boy with the power to see human thoughts becomes the unwitting vessel of an ancient curse, and deep beneath the sunny sidewalks, something stirs and wakes and opens ancient eyes.
Witness the triumphant return to the DCU of one of fiction's most enduring characters as Grant Morrison and Doug Mahnke introduce a steam-powered, gun-totin', Milton-quotin' Frankenstein monster you'll never forget! Meet time's executioner as he hunts down the impossible menaces that threaten humanity from beyond reality!

Oh, now that's just the best damn solicit ever.

Written by Adam Beechen
Art by Carlo Barberi & Walden Wong
Cover by Carlo Barberi
When gang members get hold of high-tech weapons, the Justice League is called in. But when one of those weapons is the atomic-powered Mr. Atom, it might not be that easy for the League to save the day!

Particularly since the Leaguers in question appear to be Vibe and Gypsy. Seriously, that's like calling the Ghostbusters and getting the two guys and the monkey from the Filmation series.

Written and illustrated by various
Production art cover
By popular demand, the Teen Titans jump from the hit Cartoon Network show to their own volume of Jam-Packed Action! The stories included in TEEN TITANS JAM-PACKED ACTION feature high-quality screen captures and text straight from the shows' scripts!

Because "Animanga" was already trademarked. Seriously, "screen capture comics" is about the dumbest idea I can think of. And I can think of some pretty dumb ideas.

Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Goran Sudzuka, Pia Guerra and Jose Marzan Jr.
Cover by Massimo Carnevale
The saga of Yorick Brown, the last man on Earth, continues in the sixth volume collecting issues #32-36 of the hit Vertigo series. Yorick, Agent 355 and Dr. Mann ship out across the Pacific to Japan in pursuit of Yorick's stolen monkey Ampersand, whose innards may hold the key to mankind's future.

Hooray! More Y!

Bugs Bunny disguises himself as a prima donna, Valkyrie Brunhilde, to fool Elmer Fudd. When revealed, Elmer is enraged and commands fierce lightning, heavy rain, wind and hail storms to "kill the wabbit"!
This deluxe figure includes all of the pieces needed to create a scene from the classic "What's Opera, Doc?" episode. You can mix and match this set with the Elmer figure to create multiple moments from this unforgettable piece of animation history.
Accessories include a divan with a cushion and tassel which measure 3" H x 4" W x 2" D, a base 1" H x 4.5" W x 3.5" D, and a set of interchangeable arms for creating multiple poses. a base and scenic backdrop card along with a reproduction of the original animated episode's "title card" and miniature display easel. Packaged in a 4-color box.

A "Girl Bugs" Action Figure. We truly live in the greatest possible age.

That's all this month. Full solicits are here. Happy hunting.


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