Sunday, November 21, 2004

A Little Perspective

Comics Buyer's Guide's 1600th issue is in stores now. As part of the celebration, their "The Bottom Line" section in the price guide focuses on the longest-running American comic series of all time. What is it? I'll let you guess. Go ahead, I'll just sit here and amuse myself.

*looks at porn*

Done? OK, you were wrong. The real answer is "Dell Four Color Comics," which published 17 issues a year from 1942 to 1962. The final issue was numbered 1354.

I did some math. The longest-running title currently being published, "Action Comics," just hit 821 a couple of weeks ago. Keeping to the monthly publishing schedule, "Action" will reach this mark sometime in 2049. If it went weekly, and kept it up until 1354 was passed, it would happen around 2015.

Kind of puts those "Olsen Twins 18" countdowns into a bit of perspective, don't it?


Lena said...

I knew that!

Did you ever get around to Big Apple Con? If so, how was it? Any good buys?

Michael said...

I did indeed head down there. It was, well, rather small. Dealer's room, panel room, gaming room, and celeb room downstairs.

I didn't buy much, just Jess Nevins' annotations to the second volume of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Then again, I wasn't looking to go on a spending spree.

None of the panels interested me, although I did catch the costume contest by total coincidence. The winner was a rather good Scarlet Spider costume.

I walked by Robia La Morte's table, but didn't stop to chat. Same with Neal Adams. I did briefly introduce myself to Danny Fingeroth and tell him how much I liked Write Now!

I ended up being there for not much longer than two hours. It's a nice Little Con That Could, and they're obviously working towards making it a bigger thing. Overall, it woulda been more fun if I was with someone.