Saturday, November 27, 2004

Loose Change

Had a very interesting conversation with one of my roommates and a neighbor last night. Perceptive blokes that they are, they've noticed that I'm something of a neurotic. In between entreating me to lighten up (which they're 100% right about), they brought up some interesting stuff that I hadn't given much thought to. The first was that, apparently, I have recognizable irregular breathing patterns. I wasn't aware of it, bu tnow that i am, it's something to work on. I've already been considering taking up meditation as a writing aid, so this just gives me some extra incentive in that direction.

The other was one of those things that's blindingly obvious after it's pointed out to you: There's a physiological component to this as well. *Duh.* If my body's not running at its best, my mind will pick up the effects too. I knew this as a fact, but hadn't thought to apply it to my current situation. Which just goes to show how people can be both very intelligent and very stupid.

In any case, I'm going to start effecting some changes to see if they have a beneficial effect. One of them is going to be a rather drastic step: Cutting the soda out of my diet for awhile. I'm also going to take bigger steps towards cooking and eating in more (whih I ought to do anyway, since it's getting so friggin' cold).

Updates as merits. Wish me luck.

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