Sunday, December 05, 2004

Unfortunate Events

I finally discovered the core of what's been eating at me this past month, but too late to fix it without extreme measures. It's a medical thing, and to get it taken care of right, I need to return to Houston for a short time. I'm not proud of having to take this step, but I still have to do it. This may sound to some of you like I'm letting New York beat me, that I'm running away once it gets tough. That is not the case. It's been tough from day one, and I've dealt. This is just the way things happened.

This is not to excuse responsibility for the mistakes I have made. I haven't been perfect in my assimilation. When I get back, there will still be steps to take, and I will take them. There were things I was going to work on during Christmas week, and I will still work on them during this interlude. When I return, I'll have more stuff to do, and I'll get it done.

It's not going to take forever, just until after Christmas. And when I come back, I'll continue on my way, maybe even a little wiser and better prepared.

I don't know what's going to happen with the blog during this time. I'll update when I can. Reviews might have to take a back seat.

Warning! Geek Analogy!

One of the season finales for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (I don't recall which) ends with the Dominion and Cardassians overrunning the station, forcing the Federation crew to withdraw. The episode ends with Gul Dukat (the series' villain) entering Captain Sisko's office to find that Sisko has left his baseball behind. An aide ask what it means, and Dukat replies, "It's a message. It means he's coming back."

I'm leaving my baseball behind. I'll be back for it.


Jane Vincent said...

you better take care of yourself down there. and come back safe and happy. i mean it.

Michael said...

Yes, ma'am. I'm too afraid of crossing you to do any different.

Anonymous said...

The Tech Director Says, "don't let the forces of interior/exterior evil take control". Mr. M. Pullman you are alot stronger than you think and it sounds like you have overcome many obstacles. Just remeber that those obstacles are often there to remind us of who we are, what we can do, and remind us that we are alive. As I have said many times to all of my students, my door is always open you just need to step inside!!