Sunday, January 09, 2005

Fallen Angel Swap Party

OK, folks, here's the deal. You ou've heard me talking about the awesomeness that is Peter David and David Lopez's Fallen Angel. Well, awesome as the book is, it's in trouble. It's been given a two-issue reprieve, starting in March with issue 19. But, the way things are looking, unless sales take a big spike, those two issues will be its last.

I don't want that to happen. Not just because I love the book, but because it's just the kick in the ass mainstream comics have needed for a long while now. Everybody and their aunt says the big two need to branch out. Well, here DC is, branching out, trying a horror/noir series that's not really like anything else being published right now. And if it fails, that's a blow against comics, against branching out, and against the likelihood of Marvel or DC taking a chance on an unusual title in the future.

So, here's the deal: Ala the Doom Patrollers over on the Byrne board, I'm going to make a pledge, here and on the CBR Message Boards (, to "swap" Fallen Angel for the book of your choice. Promise to order or buy Fallen Angel 19 & 20, and I'll buy the March and April issues of the book of your choice. No foolin'. Your word gets mine.

Here's some reviews:
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So go ahead. Make my day.

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Joe Rice said...

Great idea, Mike. I'll chip in. For the tradeoff, you read Invincible for those two months.