Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Listing To The Left

Casual reading lately has consisted of "The Disinformation Book of Lists." Published by the Disinformation Group, those lovely people responsible for the counterculture coffee-table books, Everything You Know is Wrong, You Are Being Lied To, and Abuse Your Illusions, it's a compilation of various lists on interesting but unlikely topics. As a pure informational resource, it's fascinating, covering various minutiae of drugs, sex, crime, war, government, pop culture, and miscellany. The DG's anarchistic politics show through constantly, but the truly great lists are compelling no matter what your political allegiance. Personal favorites include "111 People Who Are the Subject of FBI Files," "12 Erotic Works by Well-Known Authors," "20 Mishaps That Might Have Started Nuclear War," "87+ People Mormons Have Baptized by Proxy," "25 Iranian Rock Bands," "19 Suicide Notes," and "24 Toxic Substances in Bill Moyers."

If anyone from DG is out there, I'd like to offer this idea free of charge: Do another one of these in 365-day calendar form. It beats waking up to Dilbert.

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