Sunday, February 13, 2005

Reveies for 2-9-05... Kinda

I'm changing the review format; the old one was starting to bug me. Instead, starting on Wednesday, I'll be doing "Running Commentary Reviews," basically just recording what goes on in my head as I read the comic. I'll still list story and creator info, and grades of course.

For this week, just grades:

Marvel Knights Spider-Man 11: C+
New Thunderbolts 5: A-
Incredible Hulk 78: A


Brian Cronin said...

I can't believe you gave it a C+.

You totally inspired my freakin' Millar diatribe, and then you gave it a C+?!?!

At least tell me it was just because of the art!

Michael said...

Yeah, I loves me some Terry Dodson. And I liked how Spidey beat Venom by pulling an entire building down on top of him.