Friday, March 18, 2005

The "Anansi Boys" Auction Is Over

Final price: $3,533. That makes this one of the most successful auctions the CBLDF has ever held.

It occurs to me that I haven't explained the CBLDF for the uninitiated: It's a non-profit dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of comics creators and retailers when busybody social crusaders try to railroad them on obscenity charges. They pay legal fees and champion the case in the media. Currently, they're helping a retailer in Georgia who put out free comics for kids on Halloweed and inadverdently included a Free Comic Book Day alternative press sampler in with the Archies and Donald Ducks. It included shots of Pablo Picasso's penis, and we certainly can't have that. They also defended Dallas-area retailer Jesus Castillo, who was arrested in a bullshit sting after he sold adult-oriented comics to an adult police officer (said comic, like all others, having come out of the clearly-delineated and blocked-off adult comics section of the store).

Full info on the Fund can be found at Annual membership is $25, and this year's card has a spiffy Spirit drawing by the late Will Eisner. If you've got some tax-deductible money to spend, send 'em a check and keep up-to-date with their auctions (which are held on eBay and at several comic conventions each year).

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