Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Three Wishes For Comics

Brad Curran over at Comics Should Be Good came up with this one; I'm snurching it. The conceit's pretty simple: a genie with a weird sense of priorities gives you three wishes that you can use to change the comics industry. Here's mine:

1. A non-monopolized distribution system which allows companies and independent creators a multitude of options in getting their product to direct market stores, newsstands, and traditional bookstores.

2. A comics creators' union, similar to the SFWA or the Writer's Guild, to provide benefits and creative support for comics freelancers of all disciplines.

3. For the bitter self-interest which clouds the minds of so many fans, retailers, and professionals of all stripes to be lifted, and only the sheer joy at the limitless potential of all facets of the medium remain.

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