Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Well, duh

I've been wondering, as you all probably have been, about the wierdness with the sidebar and the posts. I figured it out last night: It's that darned Harry Potter cover stretching out the posts so they can't fit in the space next to the sidebar. It'll go away in a bit, when the post eventually drops off of the page and into the archives.


Jane Vincent said...

actually, i think it may be your hitch-hiker's trailer link (it will hold the displacement longer unless you break it with a space so it goes to two lines and instruct folks to cut and paste it themselves). just a tip.

Lena said...

Yep, it's either the image or the long link, or a combo of both.

Chop the link in half!

And modify the image size.

Michael said...

It was the link. Whaddaya know.