Monday, April 11, 2005

Foraging For Comics: The July DC Solicits

Put on your pith helmets, kiddies; the hunt is on!

ROBIN #140 Written by Bill Willingham Art and cover by Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens
Tim Drake's shadowy benefactor, The Veteran, invites Tim to join his government-sponsored Black Ops team. Will Robin leave Batman's side to join a very different - and very legal - crew? The answer may surprise you! Meanwhile, a face from Robin's past continues to hunt him down…

Check out that cover. I'm sorry, but Robin with a machine gun is just a dumb idea.

BIRDS OF PREY #84 Written by Gail Simone Art by Joe Bennett & Jack Jadson Cover by Adriana Melo & Kevin Conrad
The mission to Singapore blows up as a Bird's health breaks down! Back home, the Huntress becomes the hunted as she and her new allies find themselves in the crosshairs!

Gail Simone sends the Birds wherever she vacations. She's groovy that way. Plus, new costume for Huntress that doesn't make her look like a stripper. That's a plus.

JLA/CYBERFORCE Written by Joe Kelly Art by Doug Mahnke & Norm Rapmund Cover by Marc Silvestri An unprecedented Special bringing together two of the most powerful teams in comics, written by Joe Kelly (JLA, ACTION COMICS) with art by Doug Mahnke (JLA, JUSTICE LEAGUE ELITE) & Norm Rapmund and a cover by Marc Silvestri (Uncanny X-Men)! When Cyber-Zombies invade Budapest, the JLA and Cyberforce teams arrive to answer the call for help. Now these two very different teams must work together toward a common goal: preventing the now-evil Ripclaw and his Cyber-Zombies from obtaining Godtech - an organic material that could make the Cyberforce immortal or even give life to the dead! But what happens when a member of the JLA falls in battle? Which group will get to the Godtech first - and will they use its unearthly powers for the ultimate good…or the ultimate evil? Co-published with Top Cow.

I can only say: the hell?

TEEN TITANS GO! #21 Written by J. Torres Art by Todd Nauck & Lary Stucker Cover by Sean Galloway Professor Chang blasts Beast Boy with his new G.A.R.T.H. Gun and transforms him into…Garthzilla! When the giant green monster starts trashing the city, the Titans have no choice but to bust out their secret weapon…the Titans Go-Bot 5!

Well now, that sounds pretty darn cool to me.

THE DEAD BOY DETECTIVES DIGEST Written by Jill Thompson Art and cover by Thompson Neil Gaiman's inimitable sleuths from THE SANDMAN: SEASON OF MISTS star in their own Manga Digest. THE DEAD BOY DETECTIVES, guest-starring Death of the Endless, is brought to life by award-winning artist Jill Thompson (THE SANDMAN: BRIEF LIVES, Scary Godmother). Based on the overwhelming success of her first Manga Digest, DEATH: AT DEATH'S DOOR, Thompson has crafted an amazing original mystery that will appeal to both SANDMAN fans and shojou Manga enthusiasts. Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine, the dead British teenagers who are always on the run from Death, travel stateside to solve a missing persons case. Our intrepid heroes have been contacted by young Annika Abernathy, a student at a posh International Academy in Chicago. It seems that Annika's best friend has vanished. For Rowland and Paine to investigate the case properly, they decide to enroll as students at the school. And since it's an all-girls academy, the duo is forced to go undercover - in drag. Secret passages, food fights, and far too many fashionistas abound as the Dead Boy Detectives solve the case and learn a lot about life from the precocious daughters of international ambassadors and famous rock stars. As a bonus, this digest also features a free 8-page preview of T'k.

Oh, now that's just awesome squared. Jill Thompson rocks.

Y: THE LAST MAN VOL. 5: RING OF TRUTH TP Written by Brian K. Vaughan Art by Pia Guerra & José Marzan, Jr. Cover by Massimo Carnevale Collecting issues #24-31 of the runaway hit series! Yorick's unbalanced sister Hero tracks him to San Francisco, only to find him seemingly succumbing to the male-killing plague after losing his still-unused engagement ring to agents of the Setauket Ring.

For some reason, I thought this was coming in May. Ah, well. More lesbian subtext and monkey goodness, and that's all that counts.

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS SERIES 2: BARRY ALLEN FLASH ACTION FIGURE Barry Allen, the protector of Central City, has the power to violate select laws of physics and super speed ability! The Barry Allen Flash Action Figure features multiple points of articulation and comes with a display base. Packaged in a 4-color blister.

So they finally admit it: the Flash just makes no damn sense.

That's all this month. Full solicits are here:

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