Monday, April 18, 2005

Foraging For Comics: The July Image Solicits

INVINCIBLE #25 - GEM OF THE MONTH! July 13 o 48 pg o FC o $4.95
"A DIFFERENT WORLD," Part One The most climactic and earth-shattering story arc in INVINCIBLE history starts here! Events in issue 11 changed the status quo of this title forever and this arc will result in even more changes. Reality is not as it was, things are changed, and Mark comes face-to-face with his favorite imaginary hero, Science Dog - but how is that even possible?
PLUS! A stand-alone Science Dog back-up story drawn by INVINCIBLE co-creator CORY WALKER!
INVINCIBLE is ™ and © Robert Kirkman & Cory Walker, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

Holy living fuck... I like, just emailed Robert Kirkman to suggest this a week ago. He obviously was already working on it, but still, awesome. There's no way today can suck now.

BONEREST #1 - SPOTLIGHT July 6 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95
BONEREST is the surreal story of the mouthless man known as Adam Bone. He has come to New York to settle a mysterious debt, but unwittingly brings about the end of days. It all begins at the Taste of the Apple diner where he meets a sweet waitress named Peace. One look in his dark eyes will spark a love that will change everything… forever.
After winning the hearts of readers in Italy, Germany and France, BONEREST makes its debut in the US. This limited series kicks off with a special, over-sized premiere issue written by MATTEO CASSALI, co-writer of the upcoming Batman: Europa for DC Comics, and drawn by GUISEPPE CAMUNCOLI, artist of WildStorm's The Intimates. BONEREST is the surreal journey of a bizarre anti-hero who faces the symptoms of a never-before-seen kind of Apocalypse.
RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES BONEREST is ™ and © Matteo Cassali & Guiseppe Camuncoli, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

If a woman sticks with a man even though he's got no mouth, it's gotta be love. Right, Jane?

WILDGUARD: FOOL'S GOLD #1-2 (of 2) - SPOTLIGHT July 6 o 32 pg o FC o $3.50
written by TODD NAUCK art & cover by TODD NAUCK
WildGuard returns in a bi-weekly format with this all-new two-issue miniseries! Superstar and WildGuard team leader, Four, takes her team to fashion charity show to lend their star power to a worthy cause: keeping super powered youth on the straight and narrow. But where WildGuard goes, adventure follows as attention to super youth can't come soon enough!
PLUS! Two all-new "Where Are They Now?" back-ups featuring American Icon (art by JEREMY DALE) and Travel Agent (art by Army of Darkness' SANFORD GREENE)!
WILDGUARD is ™ and © Todd Nauck, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

Woo-hoo! More Wildguard! Hey, let's see if lightning can strike twice: Robert and Todd, do a Wildguard/Invincible crossover!

MAGE, VOL. 2: THE HERO DEFINED HC JULY 13 o 432 pg o FC o $49.95
written by MATT WAGNER art & cover by MATT WAGNER
In the eagerly awaited sequel to the sold out MAGE, VOL. 1: THE HERO DISCOVERED HC, Kevin Matchstick's path brings him into the company of other legendary heroes, reborn in the modern world under the most everyday guises. Trouble arises when their purpose and challenges seem to be drying up and the number of supernatural "nasties," rapidly diminishing. Have the forces of darkness been DEFEATED, or is there a more sinister manipulation at work? Featuring an all-new painted cover by WAGNER, this handsome hardcover edition collects the 15-issue MAGE: THE HERO DEFINED in one mammoth volume - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!
PLUS: A comprehensive of gallery of MAGE covers, development artwork, merchandise and even pages from the special 3-D edition of issue #1!
MAGE is ™ and © Matt Wagner, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

Sweet. By the time Volume 3 comes out, I'll be able to afford all the hardcovers.

That's all this month. Check out the full solicits here: Marvel will be up before the day is out.

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