Friday, April 01, 2005


I will be in attendance at the spring Big Apple Con, at the Pennsylvania Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, 33rd St. & 7th Avenue. Possible people I shall hang with include blog and CBR buddy Lena, folken from my comics writing class (including instructor and former Marvel Comics editor Danny Fingeroth, and how weird is it that I'm contemplating the phrase "Hanging with Danny Fingeroth), and SF author Keith DeCandido. That last will probably be more along the lines of several minutes of fanboyish fawning than actual hanging, but I say it counts, dammit.

The Sin City promo people will be there, and if I can manage to scam free tickets, expect a review of the film in the near future. I have to choose this month between paying for that and Hitchhiker's, and, well, I've read Hitchhiker's like five times, and never actually touched a copy of Sin City. (Sorry, Frank.)

If I meet Jim Lee, rest assured you'll hear about it.


Lena said...

OK, let's make a pact to meet Jim Lee. In fact, I'll bring a disposable camera for the occasion.

When is he making his appearance?

What time will you be there?

Let's get this straightened out!


Michael said...

He's getting interviewed by Peter Sanderson and Greg Tumbarello at 2 tomorrow, so he'll be around.

I figure I'll get there sometime between eleven and noon. You have my cell number.

Lena said...

Splendid. I will call you when I arrive.