Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What An Odd Thing To Say

I had a little meeting with some of the guys from my comics class in the Village tonight. On the way home, I got my first real taste of New York strangeness.

I was sitting, reading a book, as I often do, when a man approached me and said, "Excuse me." I looked up.

"I'd just like to say that you would make excellent barbecue."

My logical mind attempted to process this sentence and snagged on the last word. I indicated this with a "What?"

"I think you would make excellent barbecue."

At this point my brain threw its hands in the air and stormed off, as evidenced by my reply of, "Well, I don't really do much cooking..."

"Nonetheless, I just wanted you to know, in my estimation, you would make excellent barbecue, if you ever chose to do so." And with this, he got off the train. To my credit, I did say "Thank you."

I looked at some of my fellow passengers, to confirm that this did in fact just happen. Their looks of bafflement mirrored my own. This was comforting, and yet not.

This is a weird town.


Morts said...

No, no, no.

He didn't mean "make" as in you would create one... he meant you as the DISH!

nikki said...

i was thinking the same thing. it was a pick up line. either way, sounds like the guy doesn't get much play...

Lena said...

Yeah, that's very weird.

Just as weird as some guy coming up to me and asking me, "Do you dance?" in the middle of the street.