Sunday, June 19, 2005

Big Apple Con June '05

Went down to yet another Big Apple Con yesterday. Brian K. Vaughan, writer of Y: The Last Man, Runaways, and other nifty books was in attendance, and my main motivation for going. He signed my copy of the first Y trade and Runaways #18, which, it turns out, is both of our favorite issue of the series. I embarrassed myself by doing the "Quote marks in the air" thing, but he was nice enough not to comment on it.

Also ran into koop from CBR, who was running a retailer booth. He's good people, and while I didn't purchase any comics there this time around, I heartily recommend doing so if you run into him at one of your local cons.

Swag was pretty nifty: two Robin trades, completing the origin of Tim Drake, and the But I Digress... collection that was printed many moons ago, signed by author Peter David (not at the con; I bought a used copy that had already been signed).

I also took advantage of the many retailer tables to see some fan films, always a plus; the ""trailers" for "Grayson" and "Superman/Batman" remain my favorites.

After the con was dinner and Batman Begins. My review of the movie follows in the next entry.

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