Sunday, June 26, 2005

Broke Into My Own Apartment

Okay, this is funny and stupid at the same time.

I went grocery shopping this afternoon. When I got back to my building, I realized I didn't have my keys. Nobody buzzed me in when I pressed the button for my apartment; not a good sign. Fortunately, one of the girls from the apartment directly above mine came up the walk hauling a wicker wastebasket. (At least, I think it was a wastebasket. Damned if I know what these women buy.) She let me into the building. We shared the elevator up. Turns out she's one of the opera singers, and has been trying the keyboarding. I told her not to worry about disturbing us, since the insulation between our ceilings and their floors seems to work pretty well.

Digression: Even though the upstairs neighbors are similar in age and interests to my roommates and I, we don't see them that often. It's a shame, because if the rest of them are as good looking and friendly as her, then they'd be a fine addition to any list of friends.

Nobody answered when I knocked on my door, either. Crap in a hat. I tried phoning, but no one picked up. Double crap in a hat. For whatever reason, the elevator had decided to stop working, so I couldn't go down to see if the super had a key. With not much else to do until somebody came home, I picked my Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (see next blog entry) out of a shopping bag and sat down to read.

Fortune smiled upon me, because the same girl from before came up the stairs not long after, having gone to the corner for some milk. Blessed saint that she is, she offered me the use of her apartment to get into mine. You see, the fire escape runs down the building outside both our bathrooms. By crawling out of hers, going down a floor, and going into mine (which we keep at least partially open in this summer weather), I could get in. Bless the girl, and I will have to do something nice for her.

So that was my adventure for the day.


Morts said...


The answer is always Godiva.

Michael said...

Not on my income, it ain't. She'll have to settle for Hershey's Kisses.

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