Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pie Improves Image

Stolen from The Pulse and The Beat:

Image Comics® is bringing something new to its fans. Something no other comic book company has EVER brought its fans.
Home Run Pies®, to be exact. In an exclusive deal with Horizon Snack Foods®, Image Comics® will be distributing over 4,000 of Horizon's famous Home Run Pies® this year at the San Diego Comic Con International.
"We are very excited for this partnership opportunity," said Vic Reed of Horizon Snack Foods®.
Image Comics® will be running a full-page color ad by Savage Dragon® creator Erik Larsen, created exclusively for this campaign. In the ad, the Savage Dragon® uses Home Run Pies to defeat the villain Doubleheader™ who is threatening to blow up a famous Chicago landmark.
"Those of us that toil in the fields at Image Comics® have made it our life goal to search out and consume in large quantities the best commercially available snack pies. In the continental United States, there is no better pie to be had than Horizon foods' own Home Run Pie®," said Image comics publisher, Erik Larsen "and being the kind-hearted people we are, we've decided to share our favorite snack pie with our favorite people--the readers of Image Comics®.
"Fans should stop by the Image Comics® booth to check out the great selection of new books Image has to offer, plus the equally great selection of Home Run Pies®, free while supplies last.
Free pie and great comics. What more could anyone ask for?"

Two things immediately come to mind. The first is the alleged comment from Bill Jemas that Marvel could offer free milk and cookies with every comic, and people would accuse them of trying to kill lactose-intolerant readers. The second is that DC could stage a great counteroffer by offering free Oreos.

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Josh Farkas - Water Media said...

This is either the greatest marketing move in the history of comic cross-promotion, or the beginning of a hillarious Three Stooges Episode. I'm hoping for the latter.