Monday, June 13, 2005

"Yeah, He's My Father"

I debated whether or not to blog this, since it involves me giving out the name of someone I've only just met a few hours ago. In the end, I decided to disguise the person's identity using geek references. Enjoy.

So, my boss has an apartment in Battery Park, out of which he more or less runs the magazine. Last week, he told us that he'd learned of a conference room on the 13th floor that we could use for meetings or on-site working, if we so chose. Today, I went down there to check it out and work somewhere other than my oven of an apartment. As it turned out, that was a good move, for more reasons than one.

Around 5-ish, Jon (my boss) comes up from his apartment to talk about magazine stuff, and also to dish about the Jackson verdict. We talk, and somewhere between the new interns and Roger Ebert's reviewing style, in walks a Hot Young Blonde. Both our Hottie Senses start tingling, and Jon strikes up a conversation. She's a rising junior at Columbia, is subletting for the summer, comes from out west, likes sci-fi (at this point, I get a nerd chubby), stuff like that.

Eventually, we all need to get going (but not before Jon has secured the digits), and as something of a closer, Jon asks her her last name. (We'd gotten the first, of course.)


"Any relation to the Senator?"

"He's my father."

Stunned silence. "Seriously?"


At which point *Jon* geeks out, being a big fan of Senator Organa's. Makes sense, given that he's a highly known public figure.

Later, on the elevator back down, Jon's assessment:

"Great tits."

My boss, the statesman.

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