Sunday, August 28, 2005

Comic Covers for August 24th, 2005

Thanks to Silver Bullet Comics, ComixFan, and for this week's cover images.

Fantastic Four:

It's a plot cover, thankfully. The peril the FF appear to be in is certainly a grabber, and the green cosmic ray effect is cutting-edge and very likely to draw the eye. I'm not too thrilled with the bizarre calisthenics Sue's boobs are going through, though. The expressions aren't quite right; it's not the type of fear I expect from the situation. This is a pretty good cover, but could maybe have gone through a couple more renditions.

Legion of Super-Heroes:

Rather bleh. No indication of what happens in the book, Cos is the only character seen in any great detail, and the green wash over everything is just boring. The "Wizard Book of the Month!" tag is a smart marketing gimmick, provided the prospective buyer gives a crap about Wizard. A very lackluster cover.


Now that's a cover! The title character conveniently positioned close to the logo, obvious motion and conflict, and an unavoidable question that the reader will want answered (in this case, "A dog with a jet pack? What the fuck?"). Joe Quesada, take note: A random pinup of character X is boring; thisis iconic.

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