Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Meme From Cunard

1. Ten years ago: Just coming back from a semi-disastrous summer science camp thing in Texas. About to start high school, and feeling very conflicted. On the one hand, new people, a chance to redefine myself and maybe start dating. On the other, I knew we'd be moving the following May (although I didn't, as yet, know where), and was dealing with all the conflicting emotions that aroused. Was officially a confirmed Lutheran, but didn't know how I felt about it. I didn't know it at the time, but the meds I was taking were starting to work their magic more effectively, as this would be the least-eventful school year of my life, at least in the sense of visits to the principal's office. Read and hated the Clone Saga. Still thought Wizard was funny. Was vaguely curious about the Star Wars special editions. Spent a lot of time watching softcore porn on HBO. Masturbated constantly.

2. Five years ago: Working at a crappy job at The Original Pasta Company, leavened only by the presence of a couple of high school acquaintances (one of whom I eneded up working with the next summer as well, in a weird coincidence). Totally blew a shot with a co-worker who seemed to dig me, mostly because I was still getting over the last of the High School Troika Of Indecision And Pain. Was sideways-accused of theft by the most dickish server. Heavily involved in the "Something Unique" projects over on the now-defunct boards, and developing the still-unrealized Seven Thunders project. Had been pleased by X-Men, amused by Titan A.E., and disappointed by Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Nervous about starting college. Dropped roughly half the comics I was reading, plus Wizard, but started reading Captain Marvel. Survived largely on novels bought at Katy Budget Books. My '94 Mustang's transmission finally died roughly one week before I was due to leave town.

3. One year ago: Living in the crappy rental house with my parents, brother, and brother's dog in Sugar Land. Had just returned from San Diego, still buzzed and reading my Barry Ween trades about once a week. Searching for a job; two weeks away from the mediabistro posting that would change my life. Acutely aware of what would turn out to be a rough case of epidydimitis (sp?). Bought and fell in love with Kingdom Hearts. Pissed that Brian Bendis had killed Hawkeye. Made my two mix CDs, 80s and College. Proud of my degree, but pissed that I wasn't using it. Very pleased with the new Comics Buyers' Guide, and pimping it at every chance. Took my mom to see Spider-Man; would later take my dad to see Sky Captain (most underrated film of 2004). Wondering what the hell I was gonna do with my life.

4. Yesterday: Woke up, piddled around for a while, got comics, displeased with Thunderbolts but pleased with new JSA trade, worked, admired quality tail in building, had weekly staff meeting, tried not to roll my eyes' at boss's penchant for verbosity, got tough-but-fair with one of the interns, wrote for a while in boss's apartment, watched last half of "edTV" on TBS, fantasized about Jenna Elfman, slept on boss's couch.

5. Today: Woke up, rode subway home, masturbated, had appointment with therapist, took care of some correspondence, worked out opening for a thing that's in my head while walking, got rejected by Albedo One, currently blogging.

6. Tomorrow: More writing, more work. Haven't decided on research at Barnes and Noble or a movie tomorrow night.

7. Five snacks I enjoy: Popcorn, potato chips, strawberries, granola bars, pussy.

8. Five bands I know the lyrics of most of their songs: The Beach Boys, the Beatles, Barenaked Ladies, Herman's Hermits (but I'm not by any means proud of it), The Temptations.

9. Five things I would do with $100,000,000: Buy an apartment, get laser eye surgery, pay my parents back the money they've spent on me the past year, buy lots of stupid shit for myself, invest.

10. Five locations I'd like to run away to: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Atlanta, Oregon.

11. Five Bad Habits: Biting my nails, popping zits, self-deprecation, not following-through on personal projects, slovenliness.

12. Five things I like doing: Reading, writing, walking, making out, looking at pretty girls.

13. Five TV shows I like: I haven't watched TV regularly in almost a year.

14. Famous People I'd like to meet, living or dead: Alyson Hannigan, George Carlin, Stan Lee, Stephen King, Joan Cusack.

15. Biggest joys at the moment: The great weather we've been having the past few days, re-reading Wyrd Sisters, how well things are going with the magazine, the few but good friends I've made since moving.

16. Favorite toys: Well, my dick is the thing I play with the most often, but other than that, my laptop and my comic collection. I want a comic bin, where I can dive around in them like a porpoise, burrow through them like a gopher, and toss them up and let them hit me on the head.

17. Five people to tag: Jane, Lena, President Bush, Neil Gaiman, and the person reading this right now.

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