Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Feature: You Dumb Bastard!

In which, from time to time, I will highlight a person or persons who prove themselves to be complete morons in an interesting manner.

Our inaugural entry: Bear Activist Eaten By Bears

Some choice quotes:

"The fearless former drug addict from Malibu, Calif. -- who routinely eased up close to bears to chant "I love you'' in a high-pitched, sing-song voice --"

"Chuck Bartlebaugh of "Be Bear Aware,'' a national bear awareness campaign, called Treadwell one of the leaders of a group of people engaged in "a trend to promote getting close to bears to show they were not dangerous."

"Despite that, Treadwell refused to carry firearms or ring his campsites with an electric fence as do bear researchers in the area. And he stopped carrying bear spray for self-protection in recent years. Friends said he thought he knew the bears so well he didn't need it."

""I told him to be much more cautious ... because every time a bear kills somebody, there is a big increase in bearanoia and bears get killed,'' Miller said. "I thought that would be a way of getting to him, and his response was 'I would be honored to end up in bear scat.' ''"

They're not your friends. They're not cute, cuddly aminals. They're not Teddy fucking Ruxpin. They're big freaking predators, and you are only as important to them as their next meal.

Only you can prevent being eaten by bears.

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Lena said...

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I think bears should stick to picnic baskets and honey. Human flesh-- no.