Sunday, September 04, 2005

Cover Critiques For August 31, 2005

Images are taken from and No middleman for me!

Amazing Spider-Man 523

Perfectly serviceable, nice and dynamic, but c'mon. This issue had evil duplicates of the Avengers, buttloads of Hydra goons getting smacked down, and the hero riding a ballistic missile. None of that could have gone on the cover? Dissapointing.

Runaways 7

I like this one. The space scene in the background makes it interesting, and Bachalo's figure for Karolina is a good mix of youth, intrigue, and a hint of darkness in the character's soul. And for once, the pinup character is a focus of the issue. Points come off, however, for the title being at the bottom of the image; the way 85% of comics are racked at the stores, this is going to hurt the comic's chances of standing out.

Young Avengers 6

Ah, the "mourning" cover. This one works, largely because of the contrast between the shaded figures and the stark white background. I really like Patriot's head in this shot. Not sure what that box around the Iron Lad helmet is for, though. But it sells the issue, for the most part.

Astonishing X-Men 12

Kind of a reversal of an X-Men cover trope, for those in the know. For those not, the image of the X-Men abandoning Xavier is sure to pique interest. Cassiday's figures are strong, and I like the ambiguity of the look Cyclops is giving the professor. It begs for text, though, a nice quick blurb that adds to the tension.

Astro City: TDAB1 3

These are hard to gauge. On the one hand, it's another beautiful image from Alex Ross. On the other, it doesn't say much about the story inside; the Rex/First Family bit is ancillary to the main story, really. I really like it, but I'm not sure how well it frames the contents of the issue. Thoughts on this one?

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Gee I wish I could find a copy of Astonishing Xmen #12 so I could FIND OUT WHAT ALL THE HYPE IS ABOUT!