Sunday, September 18, 2005

Some Cover Reviews

Images pirated this week from Silver Bullet Comics, ComiXtreme,,, and

Exiles 69:

I give team pinups a pass for first issues, and I'm gonna do it for jumping-on issues as well. This qualifies, and does so pretty well. The HoM banner alerts crossover fanatics, and the presence of Sabretooth, a guy with Wolverine-style claws, and a hot pink girl should interest causal browsers. I mean, if you like mutants and superheroes, there's no reason not to think this is neat.

Incredible Hulk 86:

Eh. It's Hulk fighting cyborgs, which is what happens in the issue, but like most of Lucas's covers, it's rather bland. I do like that you can see the striations on the Hulk's fingernails; you don't really get that level of detail very often.

Action Comics 831:

Oh, good grief, Jurgens, did you even try? Buttloads of white space, you can barely see Black Adam, Superman is off-center... Gods, man, have you no shame?

New Thunderbolts 12:

Okay, points for the King Kong riff. Now, I could quibble that this scene doesn't technically take place in the story, but I'm feeling nice, so I'll allow the excuse that it's symbolic of the ongoing rivalry between Atlas and Photon, as moderated by Songbird, that gets significant play in this issue.

The Hire 3:

Well, going by the action movie analogy, this works; it's an action movie image. Really, only four kinds of people are going to buy this book (in decreasing order of percentage of the overall populations): Car enthusiasts, BMW enthusiasts, Mark Waid obsessives, and fans of The Hire. Add the cover text, and this pretty much covers all those bases.

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