Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My Week

I thought I'd blog about the novel sooner, but life intruded. I'm going at a pretty good pace, two chapters and a prologue done. This is going to top 50,000 words easily, and I doubt I'll have it finished by the end of November, but if I can get that much by the 30th, I'll be happy. I can probably have it done by New Year's.

The magazine is coming together fast. We have to have issue 1 completely done this week, and we will if I have to beat Jon senseless and sign his name to the final layout myself. Issue 2 is going to be a marathon, since it will

I managed some actual fun this past weekend. Brian Cronin, Jeff Brady, and Lena, all of CBR infamy, joined me and several of Brian's friends for dinner in town Saturday night. Karaoke followed, minus Jeff and Lena. I acquitted myself rather well, as did most of the guests, including Brian's girlfriend Jean, who's got a soft voice for singing but makes up for it by getting all the words right. Highlights of the evening included making myself hoarse over "It's The End Of The World As We Know It," channeling my inner Ringo with "Octopus's Garden," and kicking "Piano Man"'s ass.

Sunday, Brian, Jeff and I met again, and grabbed some dinner before hanging out with Lyman, aka Punchy, who is in town on a gig until New Year's. His boss is putting him and a bandmate up in Midtown, which is not bad; if you have to pay 8 times what I do now for half the apartment, doing it on an expense account is the way to go.

There was also a trip to the Midtown Comics East store, and that's a good enough segue into this: I just can't do the reviews and the novel at the same time. If I really, really like (or dislike) a certain book, I might blog just about it, but other than that, I just don't have the time. "Foraging For Comics" entries will go up as usual, though.

I am tired now, so I leave you with a few words: Giblets narwhale kayak poltroon.


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