Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And Now, The Democratci Response

I just learned that Heidi Meeley wrote a three-part response to my "Understanding Fanboys: The Deadlier of the Species" post from a few weeks ago. It takes an interesting look (and probably a more accurate one) at the root causes of fangirlism.

I guess I ought to say, for the official record, that I'm not one of the "No Girls Allowed" crew, and that I enjoy hearing about comics from the female perspective. It's just that I couldn't help but notice that when a woman throws out all rationality in pursuit of her devotion, the reaction is different from when a man does so, in an interesting way. And I'm a sociological rubbernecker, so I always tend to pick at the most disturbing aspects of any group. They make the juiciest scabs.


Ragnell said...

Care to Elaborate?

Michael said...

On what, the different reaction? Well, like I said in the post, a female Gambit fan's more likely to dead-leg me for saying Gambit sucks. And the preponderance of slash sex fic is written by female fans; a male fanfic writer is no more likely to come up with a bad crossover idea than a female one, but the female one is more likely to add gay sex to that idea. I dunno what that's about.

The linchpin is, fangirlism has a far higher creeps-me-out quotient than fanboyism. Perhaps it's a gender thing, and I can understand the stupid things men do better than I can understand the stupid things women do, but there it is. Ask me to choose between spending 8 hours with a rabid male Spawn fan or a rabid female Anne Rice fan, and I'll take the Spawn fan every time. I know his warning signs.