Sunday, January 01, 2006

Well, I'm Back

From both a rejuvenating holiday vacation and my unforeseen break from the blog. It came about for a lot of reasons: work on the novel, an unforeseen personal thingy that took up a lot of time, and more than a bit of burnout. While I was away, I did some thinking, and I came to a decision: I want this to be an honest-to-gods comic blog.

Part of this was simple pride: I'm on several blogrolls as a comic blogger, and I figure I ought to live up to the name. But I also love this wacky hobby, and I want to share that love with all of you. Or rather, both of you. That's another thing: I want there to be more of you. I want to be loved, dammit!

Anyway, with that in mind, there will be some changes 'round here. The Foraging For Comics features will continue, but pretty much everything else will change. Specifically, there shall be more features, one for each weekday. Want to know what they are? Too bad, 'cause I don't like you.

Kidding, kidding. Starting tomorrow, with:

Mondays: Just The FAQs
This is for entry-level comics folken, or for me pimping something you might not have heard of, or maybe explication of an issue that might pop up (like, f'rinstance, the McFarlane/Gaiman/Miracleman fooferaw). Every Monday, a new FAQ, written by me, detailing everything I think you need to know about a certain subject. I already have the first three or so planned, and they're pretty mainstream, but who knows what I'll get up to in the time between now and when the feature is no longer profitable?

Tuesday: I Was A Teenage Nerd
Shocking true tales of my young comics fandom. Also a possibility for guest entries, and I want to do at least one CBR jam entry.

Wednesday: Yes, It's A Real Job
Thoughts and musings on the life of the comics professional, from the perspective of a wide-eyed young hopeful wanting to break in (i.e., me), and also things I've observed about actual working professionals. (Observance 1: Lots of Jews.) Also, occasional scripts and things written by me.

Thursday: The Comic You Should Be Talking About
Taking the place of the reviews, this will be the one book each week that I think you need to know about and discuss. And because I'm an Internet blogger, I'm automatically right.

Friday: Understanding Fanboys
In theory, a series of thought-provoking articles on the unique psychology of the comics fan. In practice, likely me bitching about threads on Newsarama.

And, because I'm contrary (and because there's a damn postal holiday), this week the Thursday and Friday features will be switched. Expect this whenever comics are delayed a day.

Saturdays and Sundays will likely be "off" days, unless I have something to say. Which I do, in the very next entry.

Enjoy the new "Tales." Because if you don't, I know where you live, and I have Dr. Light's home phone number.

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