Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Comics You Should Be Talking About for March 15, 2006: In the Moment (Bloggin' o' The Green, Day 4)

Goddammit, Marvel, would it have been so hard to ship She-Hulk this week?

I got Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Runaways, Birds of Prey, Teen Titans Annual, JLA Classified, and Spike vs. Dracula. All ranging from "pretty good" to "fucking sweet." But, rather than go into full reviews, I'm just going to detail my favorite moments from each comic.

FNSM: Jonah Jameson, tied to a chair with his son John, whom he erroneously believes to be Spider-Man, telling John not to worry about revealing his "secret" while freeing them.

Runaways: The revelation that the person in Alex's MMORPG group who always wears the sexy skins of female heroes is, in fact, a fat guy who lives with his parents.

Birds of Prey: Lady Shiva gouging out Killer Croc's eye with his own claw.

Teen Titans Annual: Robin taking Superman to task for the uncoordination of the relief efforts in Bludhaven.

JLA Classified: The League talks strategy over Wonder Woman's homemade pastries. Batman's response: "Alfred is going to need this recipe."

Spike vs. Dracula: Spike taking advantage of the recently-published Bram Stoker novel to sic the local peasants on Drac.

What was your favorite comic moment this week?

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Yeoman said...

Well, I'd go with Karolina showing up again in Runaways, kinda confirming we haven't seen the last of her in the series.