Sunday, March 05, 2006

New York Comic Con 2006: A Story In Pictures

The inaugural New York Comic Con was last weekend, and the last person waiting in line just now got into the exhibit hall.

I keed, I keed. Truth be told, it was a fun time for the people who actually got in, and I'm already looking forward to next year's. Much has been said about the grossly underestimated turnout, and the problems this created for many attendees; I have little to add save that I overheard a certain high-ranking DC staffer whose name rhymes with "Mob Mayne" say to another whose name rhymes with "Man Midio" that this was, quote, "the most fucked up convention I've ever been to." Considering the sheer number of conventions Mr. Mayne has been to, I think that's something pretty special. In fact, I think I might print it on my T-Shirt for next year.

Anyway, my day at the NYCC, in pictures:

The centerpiece and star of the show, Lego Batman. Really, you people have nothing to bitch about; this makes up for every line I've waited on in my whole life.

The show floor at, well, pretty much any time during the day. Not pictured: Me staggering around in a flu-induced haze, muttering "Help me" and "I'm dying."

The winner of the TTMA "Best Costume I Was Able To Get A Picture Of" Award...

And the loser.

An extremely well-named "Ugly Doll" character. This guy was on my screen saver when I woke up this morning, and I nearly peed my pants.

"Hey, do I have to wait in this line if I'm pre-registered?"

And, at the end of the day, some very tired nerds.

Without a doubt, the best afterparty was the CBR get-together at Heartland Brewery. Pictured here are Ryan, Brian Cronin, Lena, and Jeff Brady.

And here a nice picture of Jeff, Lena, and Brian is ruined by some ugly motherfucker.

Hey, kids, Con Swag! This is the limited edition Spider-Man Tumbler, frosted edition. Look upon it and weep in envy.

Volume 3 of the rather spiffy indie superhero series Sentinels. No giant robots, just good readin'.

JSA: The Liberty Files TPB.

Futurama 1 (free at the Bongo Comics table) and Excalibur 24 (not free at some guy's dollar bin booth).

Three issues of Sandman from the "Worlds' End" storyline. I know one of them is the Prez issue, which makes me happy.

A crossover between Mike Allred's Madman and some guy in a cape. I understand he has a movie coming out.

The Serenity trade from Dark Horse. The Nathan Fillion intro is worth the $10 alone, really.

Really says it all, don't it?

See you all at next year's con. If I don't I'll be sad.


Jeff Brady said...

That's Ryan aka Huh?, not RAB.

Lena said...

Good photos!