Saturday, April 29, 2006

Somethin' (Fastball) Special

X-Fans, you may now cream your shorts.


Jeff Brady said...

Damn. I'm so far from being an X-Fan, but that made me smile. Thanks!

RAB said...

Sorry, but it was conceptually way cooler when it was done on Powerpuff Girls, with Blossom shouting "Buttercup, give me a fastball special -- now!" And then they did the move and only the clued-in viewer would get the reference.

(Yeah, I used to watch Powerpuff Girls. Bite me.)

The idea of reproducing it in live action is pretty cool, but the SFX aren't quite up to it; for one thing, it doesn't look as if Logan is being hurled at nearly enough speed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Hugh Jackman is NO Wolverine. Wolverine could bench 500lbs is 5'2" and weighs 190lbs.

Jackman's better suited to play James Bond or a butler.
This Colossus is the worst.
UGH they fucked the whole comic up.

I agree w Rab but lemme take what he said further: PowerPuff girls captures more heroism and comic action than these so-named X-Men movies.