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Foraging For Comics: The September DC Solicits

Will the falling leaves bring with them falling C-list superheroes?

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Andy Kubert & Jesse Delperdang
Cover by Kubert
Part 3 of the 4-part “Batman and Son,” by the incomparable team of writer Grant Morrison and artists Andy Kubert & Jesse Delperdang! Batman brings his son home to Gotham City and introduces him to both Wayne Manor and the Batcave! But when Batman’s new son meets Robin sparks — and swords — will fly!

You can’t say Grant lacks balls.

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Frank Quitely
Cover by Quitely
The award-winning, best-selling All Star saga brings Superman back to Smallville to mourn the loss of his adoptive father. As Clark Kent returns to his hometown roots, the fifth Dimensional trickster investigates human drama from an entirely different perspective.

The cover for this is f-ing gorgeous. Frank, you can have my firstborn in exchange for the original art.

Written by Kurt Busiek & Fabian Nicieza
Art by Pete Woods
Cover by Dave Gibbons
It's the cosmic wrap-up for Superman and his allies as they battle an alien invader who's like nothing they've fought before! Superman discovers a compelling secret - one that could swing the conflict in his favor - but without powers, how can he or the Titans prevail?

Dave Gibbons, explain yourself.

Written by Gail Simone
Art by James Raiz & Robin Riggs
Cover by Jerry Ordway
There's an eerily familiar Caped Crusader running around the Birds' territory…one that's freaking out Huntress and Black Canary. But Oracle's life will be the most affected by this heroine's bizarre return!

And they’re being coy why again?

Written by A.J. Lieberman
Art and cover by Al Barrionuevo & Bit
For years, Martian Manhunter believed himself the last survivor of his race - but the discovery of a Martian artifact on Earth has brought that into serious question! His quest to discover the origin of that relic leads him to a stunning discovery, the ramifications of which will forever change the way he sees himself, humanity and his destiny!

So I guess I’m the only one who remembers that whole White Martian city that’s buried under the Antarctic.

Written by Brad Meltzer
Art by Ed Benes & Sandra Hope
Cover by Michael Turner
Variant cover by Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning
Best-selling author Brad Meltzer and the fan-favorite art team of Ed Benes & Sandra Hope continue the return of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes! The selection process continues - a new villain appears - and a sinister figure ensures that the first casualty is Red Tornado's android body! Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers; a standard cover by Michael Turner and a variant cover by Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning. For every 10 copies of the standard cover, retailers may order one copy of the variant cover. Please see order form for details. Retailers: For a signed edition, please see the Dynamic Forces section of Previews.

Gratuitous hero death? In a Brad Meltzer comic? The hell you say!

Written by Mark Waid & Tony Bedard
Art by Barry Kitson, Adam DeKraker and Mick Gray
Cover by Kitson
Supergirl's new boyfriend explores the feelings he has for her as the Legion takes on a foe who has recruited others who can target and exploit their every weakness!

I really don’t want to know whose weakness Sonic Fart Lad will be exploiting.

Written by Judd Winick
Art and cover by Howard Porter
Enter Freddie Freeman - left powerless by the events of DAY OF JUDGMENT and BRAVE NEW WORLD - who finds his life outside of being Captain Marvel Junior in even worse shape. The good news: Freddie is given the opportunity to regain his abilities…if he can pass a few tests administered by the gods themselves. The bad news is he has to earn each and every ability from scratch!

Shazam fans rejoice: Being a member of the Marvel Family is no longer any fun at all!

Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Gordon Purcell
Photo covers
Issue #1 Variant cover by J.G. Jones
Issue #2 Variant cover by Jerome Moore
You've heard the Internet buzz…seen the hair-raising trailer…now experience the comic of the sensational summer movie Snakes on a Plane, written by Chuck Dixon (NIGHTWING) with art by Gordon Purcell and painted covers by J.G. Jones (52) and Jerome K. Moore (JSA: LOST)!
Snakes on a Plane stars Samuel L. Jackson as an FBI agent assigned to escort a government witness on a flight to Los Angeles. But when a crimelord sets loose hundreds of deadly snakes during the flight, the agent must band together with the pilot, frightened crew and passengers in a desperate attempt to survive and protect his witness!
Why's it have to be snakes? Relax, they're first-class fliers. Retailers please note: Each issue will feature two covers; see order form for details.

Hell. Yeah.

Written by Alan Moore
Art and cover by Kevin O'Neill
Acclaimed writer Alan Moore once again joins forces with artist Kevin O'Neill for THE BLACK DOSSIER - a stunning original hardcover graphic novel that is the next chapter in the fantastic saga of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN!
England in the mid-1950s is not the same as it was. The powers that be have instituted some changes. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen have been disbanded and disavowed, and the country is under the control of an iron-fisted regime. Now, after many years, the still youthful Mina Murray and a rejuvenated Allan Quatermain return in search of some answers - answers that can only be found in a book buried deep in the vaults of their old headquarters - a book that holds the key to the hidden history of the League throughout the ages: The Black Dossier. As Allan and Mina delve into the details of their precursors, some dating back centuries, they must elude their dangerous pursuers who are hellbent on retrieving the lost manuscript…and ending the League once and for all.
THE BLACK DOSSIER is an elaborately designed, cutting-edge volume that includes a "Tijuana Bible" insert and a 3-D section complete with custom glasses, as well as additional text pieces, maps, and a stunning cutaway double-page spread of Captain Nemo's Nautilus submarine by Kevin O'Neill. Don't miss what's sure to be one of the most talked-about books of 2006!

That’s going on the Christmas list.

That’s all this month. Full solicits are here. Happy hunting.

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