Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Public Shaming

Everyone involved in creating pages 2-5 of Teen Titans 58, out this week, should be ashamed of themselves.

First up, we find out that Miss Martian's evil future self, who's been running around in her brain since the end of "Titans of Tomorrow," has been taking over her body Tyler Durden style and having sex with truckers in skeezy rest stop bathrooms. We learn this as she wakes up and finds herself sitting on a leaky toilet seat with her legs spread and a man leaning over her, his belt undone and his boxers peeking over the rim of his jeans, while one of his buddies knocks on the stall door and tells them to hurry up so he can get his turn. Then we get two pages of pillow talk between Clock King and one of the new Terror Titans, also a teenaged girl.

This is supposed to be entertainment? This is supposed to be characterization? It's sick. It's also shamelessly derivative, yet another sign that DC editorial can't let go of the Wolfman/Perez Titans; of all the things to be nostalgic about, Deathstroke and Terra playing house should not be one of them. As for the Miss Martian scene, just fuck everyone who thinks that's something that should be in an issue of Teen Titans. I don't just need a shower after reading this, I need to be run through a high-pressure car wash. With hot wax.

Sean McKeever, Carlos Rodruigez, Rebecca Buchman, Jimmy Palmiotti, Rod Reis, Travis Lanham, Adam Schlagman, and Dan Didio, you should be ashamed of yourselves.


the4thpip said...

This from the guy who wrote the best issue of Spider-Girl and the adorable "Spider-Man loves Mary Jane"? I am very disappointed.

If I wanted to read softporn Titans, I would buy Winick's book. But I have more self respect than that.

Vzilla said...

Go fuck yourself femenazi.

Jeff said...

Vzilla, you offer quite the compelling argument. In four sharp words, you have deftly dismantled the reviewers' critique of rape (and statutory rape) in a comic about teenagers meant for a large reading audience, and the lack of originality the creators & editors display.

Clearly, your debating skills are meant for the highest form of political discussion. Indeed, you may very well be the next Tucker Carlson, or even Ann Coulter.

Michael said...

I do have to admit, I'm somewhat honored to be the first man (that I know of) admitted to the Feminazi party.

"Don't be stupid, be a smarty..."