Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thoughts On Secret Invasion/Dark Reign

Yeah, what the hell, spoiler warning.

Wasp being the designated corpse for this crossover annoys me. If nobody else brings her back by the time Marvel's interested in me, I'll do it myself.

Yellowjacket's new costume looks unforgivably stupid.

So Norman Osborn shoots one person in the head, and that's good enough to make him head of SHIELD? And here I thought Bush wasn't going to be President in the Marvel Universe anymore...

Speaking of which, what do you think the odds are the off-panel President's skin color was changed on November 5?

Can someone explain to me, exactly, how Iron Man is now a fugitive? Since when is screwing up a federal crime?

I'm sorry, but just the title "Dark Avengers" makes me hate the book.

Punisher has yet another title. It really is 1989 all over again.

It's taken a couple years, but they have now successfully removed every character I gave a damn about from the Thunderbolts.

Speaking of which again, there's still camera footage of Norman Osborn trying to commit genocide out there. Amusing that, in its naive cynicism, Marvel's ruling junta has created a world that is unbelievably naive and uncynical.

And even more speaking of which, I'm sorry, but I just refuse to buy Norman as a global-level, Luthor-type villain. It's like making the Mirror Master ruler of Apokolips.

So, another "darkest day ever" for the Avengers. Do you get the feeling Bendis just never read "Under Siege"?

"The first major roster change" to New Avengers since issue 1? I'm sorry, does the part where the team literally split in half and goddamn Iron Fist and Dr. Strange signed up just not count, now?

I should be angry about the transparently commercial "Untold Tale of Wolverine" backup in Agents of Atlas 1, but fuck it. Anything that'll drive up the numbers.

I really hope Storm is the new Black Panther. If only to see the reaction from the X-fanboys.

$10 says Hickman is doing all the heavy lifting on Secret Warriors.

Hulk on the Mighty Avengers? Consider my eyebrow raised. On the other hand, with Vision and Stature signed up, there go the Young Avengers. Stupid Heinberg.

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