Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TTMA Inaugural (In The Other Sense) West Wing Mini-Marathon Lineup

Because of the historic weight of the day, and because it's the Best. Show. Ever, I'm holding a West Wing mini-marathon in my apartment tonight, highlighting episodes from the first four years focusing on the various traditions and idiosyncracies of our political process. For those who are interested, the full list follows below.

Mr. Willis of Ohio (S1, Ep 6): A vote on a new census-taking method may come down to one man: The husband of a deceased Congresswoman serving the remainder of her term.

Let Bartlet Be Bartlet (S1, Ep 19): A scathing memo written by a White House insider sends the staff scrambling and prompts Chief of Staff Leo McGarry to give the President the ultimatum of a lifetime.

The Midterms (S2, Ep 3): As the staff decompresses after the events of the shooting in Virginia, the Congressional elections take the spotlight.

The Stackhouse Filibuster (S2, Ep 17): A cantankerous Senator's stalling of the vote on the Family Wellness Act may be more than just an old man giving the President the finger.

Isaac & Ishmael (S3, Ep 1): A security lockdown at the White House means an impromptu forum on terrorism for Josh and a group of high school students and an uncomfortable interrogation for Leo and an Islamic White House staffer.

Hartsfield's Landing (S3, Ep 15):
Bartlet navigates an international crisis and a series of chess games as the Presidential primaries get underway.

Game On (S4, Ep 5): Bartlet engages his opponent, Gov. Rob Richie, in a winner-take-all debate that will determine the outcome of the election, and the future of his presidency.

Inauguration (S4, Eps 13 & 14):
As Bartlet prepares to begin his second term, a crisis in the African nation of Kundu prompts a drastic change in his address, and in US foreign policy. Leading the way: New staffer Will Bailey.

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