Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rebuilding Len Wein's Comic Collection

I'm hardly the only person talking about this, but nonetheless, it's worth saying as many places as possible.

As some of you may be aware, longtime comics writer and editor Len Wein's house burned down earlier this month. He, his wife and son are all fine, and most of their possessions (and the house itself) were covered by insurance, so they'll be OK. What's not OK is Len's archive of his own work. Some of it was original art, and obviously irreplaceable, but also among the lost were numerous single issues of books he'd worked on over the years.

Mark Evanier has put up a list of the stuff Len's looking for. If you've got it and can spare it, he's got details on where to send it.

I always find it heartwarming how the comics community rallies around its own in times of need. This project, while small in the scheme of things, is another example of that, and deserves recognition as such.

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