Friday, July 24, 2009

Did He Just Say What I Thought He Said?

So I'm following along with the CBR live blogging of the SDCC Cup O' Joe Panel, because Rich Johnston says it'll break the Internet in half, and if you can't trust a self-admitted rumormonger and muckraker, whom can you trust?

Anyway, I'm reading along and wishing I was watching the Boston Legal rerun on Ion, even though I've seen it before, when Dan Buckley makes this puzzling comment:

Buckley said price increases [of some Marvel books to $3.99) came as a result of "how we look at the value of what we're producing. You may not agree with it, and I totally respect that. We look at the prices and the appropriate value for the content that's in it." McCann mentioned that added content will be in some titles to offset the increases, but Buckley said he "won't add content to rationalize my approach" and that he has made the call on what titles sell at what prices based on value.
I'm sorry, what? You may regret your choice of words there, Dan, because what it sounds like you're saying is that the books you're charging more for are better than the ones you're charging less for. And that's kind of a smack against, well, most of your publishing schedule, including some very critically (and fan) acclaimed books. I, for one, am rather dismayed at the notion that nearly my entire Marvel pull list is apparently second-rate content.

And I won't even get into mini-series price points.

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