Saturday, September 05, 2009

From Out The Mouth Of Rat

Today I purchased, among other things, the latest Pearls Before Swine treasury, "Pearls Sells Out." I was planning to make it bathroom reading for the next while, but, being me, I ended up sitting down and reading the whole thing once I got it home.

Anyway, the reason I'm revealing intimate details of my excretory habits here is because one particular exchange really struck a nerve. From the December 5, 2007 strip:

Rat's Date: "Why do you get so nervous when you talk to me?"
Rat: "Because you keep staring into my eyes like you can see straight into me and that worries me because it's not a nice place in there."

Yeah, that sums up my romantic life pretty well.

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Jeff said...

It may not mean so much to you coming from me, but you are so much better than you think you are.