Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Inevitable "What I'm Buying From DC In September" Post

It's come to my attention that, as someone who blogs about comics, I'm required by federal law to post about which DC comics I'll be buying once they do their whole launchboot thing in September. So here's that list.

What you may find interesting is that, while I won't be getting the same titles I am now, the actual number of DC titles on my monthly list won't change at all.

At the moment, I'm reading Secret Six, Birds of Prey, and Justice League of America. (That's right; I'm the one.) Six is ending, Birds is morphing into a book I have no interest in, and while the character lineup on Justice League looks all right so far, the combination of Geoff Johns on writing and Jim Lee on art is like a big fat "Do Not Touch" sign right on the cover. That leaves 49 books out of the magical 52, and of those, a scant three have piqued my interest. Since any further delay would be purely masturbatory, here they are:

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE by Jeff Lemire and Alberto Ponticelli:
Frankenstein was my favorite series out of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers project, and I've been waiting ever since for DC to give it a shot as an ongoing. Granted, this is neither Morrison nor Doug Mahnke, but sources I trust have nothing but good things to say about Jeff Lemire. He seems to be good with weird, and that's the key to making this book work as well as the original miniseries. All I really ask is bizarre adventures roughly in the same vein as "Uglyhead" and "The Water," and I think this team can deliver that.

Resurrection Man by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Fernando Dagnino
I've read exactly one issue of the '90s RM series, the one that was included in the DC One Million trade, but that one issue was so chock full of amazing ideas that it's stuck with me ever since. The series has been on my back issue to-buy list ever since, but with one thing or another, I've never gotten around to it. And now we have this, which offers me a chance to get in on the ground floor of Mitch Shelley's continuing adventures. Abnett and Lanning have wowed me before, especially with their Marvel Cosmic stuff last decade, so I feel confident that this title will please as well.

Blue Beetle by Tony Bedard, Ig Guara, and Ruy Jose
Jaime Reyes's first try at an ongoing series was a bright beacon among the mostly dreary and dull DC Universe of the '00s, and its cancellation made me a very sad panda. DC haven't given up on the character, though, keeping him going in Booster Gold backups and the Justice League: Generation Lost miniseries. None of that, though, was putting him in a book I particularly wanted to read. This, though, sounds like a return to everything I enjoyed about the last series. Bedard is a smart writer who's good at taking existing characters and moving them forward without resorting to "scorched earth" tactics with the status quo, and for a book whose status quo got it right the first time, that's just what's needed.

By now, some of you are staring agog at your screens in shock at the fact that I won't be picking up Grant Morrison's Action Comics. Here's the deal with that: I've been buying his Batman run in hardcover format, and those collections look pretty darn nifty on my bookshelf. So nifty, that the only thing that would make them niftier would be a similar run of Superman hardcovers next to them. So that explains that.

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