Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

You may have noticed I've been posting even less frequently than usual. That's because I've been doing shit. Aside from the new job (yay for , I've been working hard on Township and my other long-term writing project (which I'll announce when I'm damn good and ready). Got a new computer, for way cheaper than I thought I'd end up paying (thanks, Lynne!). Plus I played my way through Final Fantasy V Advance over the course of the summer. Saving the universe is hard work, dammit.

I don't really have any thoughts about the DC LaunchBoot (TM) that haven't been said elsewhere by other people. Although I am happy they're doing a trade of the old Resurrection Man series, since the new one has tickled my fancy.

New York Comic Con this weekend. That should be fun, and I plan to take pictures. Hopefully they'll be of something interesting.

I turn thirty in exactly one month. That should be thrilling and terrifying.

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