Sunday, October 05, 2014

You Don't Have To Go To Wordpress, But You Can't Stay Here

So yeah, I'm closing this blog.

This has been a big year for me. I'm getting married next month, I'm focusing more on my writing, I just moved into a new place with my lovely bride-to-be... I'm swamped.  My life is headed into a new phase, which means it's time to put some stuff from the old one away.

Ten years ago tomorrow, I moved to New York City. It hasn't worked out anything like I thought it would, but it has worked out. I'm happy with my life, and looking forward to what's to come. But this blog was a(n increasingly infrequent) chronicle of my twenties, my single years. I'm not the person I was then. I'm not even sure I'm the person I was five years ago, or two-and-a-half. But that person's story is pretty well told, so time to put a bow on in and leave it for the ages.

And really, blogging was never my calling. I want to write, not write about what others are writing. Odd little thoughts and other things can go on Twitter or Facebook. I may start a Tumblr someday, when I'm an established writer and people want to know stuff about my work. But I'm no Mighty God King or Bully the Little Stuffed Bull. And I'm OK with that.

This blog will remain up for as long as Blogger does, but this is the last entry. To everyone who's been a one-time, casual, or die-hard reader over the years, thanks a bunch for being interesting in my weird-ass ramblings. To my adoring fan club from You-Know-Where, thanks for reminding me why I keep going. To the rest of the global population, see you out there.

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