Saturday, October 23, 2004

48/2 hours

So, about exactly 24 hours ago, my wireless connection decided to stop working. The router can be temperamental, so I figured it'd be OK in the morning.

Hah. As of noon, nothing. I had a lunch meeting, so I put fixing everything off. At about 4:00, I set in for the arduous task. With the aid of John in tech support, I determined that my TCP/IP files had become corrupted. This is not good. It's about a two-and-a-half hour reinstall for that sumbitch. Didn't have to reinstall the whole OS, thank God, but I did spend a lot of time typing repetitive commands into DOS. Arrrg.

On the plus side, I had lunch with Brian and Lena from CBR and bought the new JSA trade. (Hey, DC, let's not make me wait another damn year for Princes of Darkness, k?) I also had the opportunity to call up my cute neighbor while I was trying to figure out what the frell was going on. And all's well now, and all I have to do tomorrow is laundry, so I'm gonna catch up on wasting my time. I've had worse days.

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