Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Arg. I'm falling into my old, antisocial, procrastinatory habits again. I need to get myself offline and out of this apartment more often.

I dunno. I've never really been one for baby steps, so I feel that unless I'm making major progress, I'm not making any at all.

I do think I'll make tomorrow's comic day a big outing. Maybe hit a museum, or check out some bookstores. OR a movie. Just something to get the wheels going. I also need to look into scenes up here; I'm not too far from a college, so there oughta be a comic appreciation society or something around.

Whatever. Just need to make myself less of a homebody, and get with it in writing.


Lena said...

You should DEFINITELY get out of that apartment. Pronto. There must be something happening in your neck of the woods- especially with the universities as you said. Manhattan College, Lehman, and I think Hostos always having something interesting going on. OR check out a bookstore- get yourself a yellowpages. OR a museum, there are plenty. OR check out Arthur Avenue and thereabouts- who can say no to Italian food? They have a lot of great delis. DO or DIE!

Lena said...

And always remember to blog about it.