Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Review Format

Here's what my reviews will look like:

Comic Book 123 - "Story Title"
by Author, Principle Artists
The Story: Something happens.
The Good: What I liked.
The BAd: What I loathed.
The Quote: A peppy one-liner.
The FInal Word: A summation.
The Grade: A-F

Read below for an explanation of the grades.


Michael said...

A- It takes some effort to get this grade. I must be pleased at every level. Quality of art and storytelling are important, but so is heart; I must be moved, and greatly so. A- denotes small flaws that didn't distract from my enjoyment, but can't ignore. A+ is, simply, the best thing you can buy; consider it a command to rush out and buy this now.

B- This is purely competent, admirable work. No serious flaws are present, and I enjoyed the experience. This comic will probably be reread in the coming months. B- means my interest was mildly held, but there's a definite need for improvement. B+ borders on the sublimely awesome, but

C- Good, but not good enough. Either there are bigtime flaws, or it just doesn't grab me. I expect more from my comics. C+ is a noble effort and an admonishment to try harder next time. At C-, I look at Previews to see what else the money I'm spending on this could be used for.

D- Bad. Just bad. The story bored or annoyed me, and the art was below the standards of a special-ed teacher. I'd ask for my money back if comics stores did returns. D+ means there's something worth salvaging amongst the muck. D- is the worst it can get without being an affront to human decency.

F- I'm sorry I read this comic. I'm sorry it was made. I'm sorry the universe that could produce it exists. This is not just bad, it's inexcusable. It goes beyond the realm of simple poor craft and directly into the bowels of hell. Your money would be better spent buying 11 sheets of paper, folding them in half, and drawing your own comic. I'd rather read that than this again.

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