Monday, January 31, 2005

The Yuppies Are Coming!

So I ran out to get some mustard from the shop on the corner, and I saw in the Riverdale daily paper (the name escapes me) that a local developer is putting up a big retail complex/luxury apartment building over on Corlear Avenue, not too far away from me. Apparently, the "gentrification" (translation for non-New Yorkers: everything costs more) of Kingsbridge has begun.

I figure, 20 years tops, there won't be anywhere in the five boroughs (is it six now?) that hasn't been upscaled, lofted, and overall yuppified. Sure, the poor people will all be in, I don't know, prison or something, and the artists (those who aren't also poor) will have packed off for the Midwest, but the entertainment value of the looks on the real estate people's faces when they realize they've run out of places to hype should be worth it.

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