Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Don't Get Cocky

Jane, you'll love this one:

So I'm walking down Broadway to Staples yesterday, and, as often happens, something on the ground catches my eye. In this case, it's the word "Cockfighting!" on a tiny event promotion card. You know the kind, the ones with the nice, glossy cardstock. Knowing from experience that cockfighting is more of a Southwestern thing, and not often practiced in New York, I gave in to curiosity and picked the card up. The pseudo-luchador standing between the two chickens puzzled me a bit. Then I read the text. Reproduced in full, because I love you:

"Daniel Nardico Prsents: Cockfight!
Celebrating lawlessness and all things below the belt.
Sunday, February 20 (President's Day weekend) @ Sixes and Eights, 205 Chrystie St @ Stanton - One block south of Houston
Doors open 10PM / 10-11 Mariachi music with open bar!
With: Tijuana Ass! Mexican wrestling studs Pussyboy and Speedy Gonzales battle it out in the ring for you! !
DJs: Sammy "Senor" Jo and Nita "Culo" Aviance
$10 before 11 PM, $20 thereafter / email for reduced list
Win free tix to the hit Broadway Show Shockheaded Peter for wrestling one of our studs! Are you ready to eat the worm?
(No animals will be hurt in the making of this party, but sa few cocks might be sore the next day)"

I can't really follow that.

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