Sunday, February 06, 2005

I Feel Like Complete Shit, Ferris

I picked up a cold somewhere this week, and it's kicking me in the ass fairly heavily right now. So, no big blog entry. I will say, though, that I went down to MoCCA (The Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art) yesterday and had a good time. Saw several kids and their parents come in, which was pretty cool. The exhibit now is "Toon Town," focusing on on the history of comics/cartooning and New York City. One neat thing I learned was that, when "Boss" Tweed broke out of prison and ran to Europe, the feds sent Thomas Nast's political cartoons of him ahead in lieu of mug shots. He was caught within eight hours of his arrival.

Amuse yourselves with this for a while:

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Lena said...

Good ole Thomas Naste.