Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Running Commentary Reviews for 2-16-05

Runaways 1 – “True Believers, part 1”
By Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona
Love those Jo Chen covers, but man, she draws those girls hotter than any teenagers have a right to be.
I already read these first few pages at Silver Bullet; I don’t usually do that, but couldn’t resist taking a hit of Runaways goodness.
“Smash him in the face with his own enchanted shovel.” There’s a phrase you don’t see too often these days.
Nice info-dump there; first time I’ve seen eighteen issues condensed to two panels.
Still like the “Thin Mints” line.
Looks like Karolina’s gotten over her alien issues.
Huh. I just now noticed that Molly’s hat is a bunny rabbit.
Oh, brutal. Nico is definitely the team badass.
TMI, Brian, TMI.
Ah, Old Lace. The living symbol of all that’s right with this book.
Yes, Gert, you are.
First time I’ve ever heard anyone refer to the Wrecking Crew as pretty.
Speaking of which, rough year for those guys. Locked up in a super-small prison, then taken down by a depleted Thunderbolts, now this. They’re the new Turk.
So Phil Urich really is the 6th member of Excelsior. Kind of a let-down. And what the hell’s up with his neck.
Looks like they’re emphasizing the “Dark” in Darkhawk.
Wow, Julie Power grew up hot and stupid.
Poor Ricochet. I wonder if he’s heard about Hornet yet.
Nice line at the end of Rico’s speech there.
Jesus, it’s like Phil’s Elongated man all of a sudden.
I agree with Chamber on the subject of a good Green Goblin. Balloon misplacement in this panel, by the way.
I’d only show up for the free pizza too.
Hey, she’s on the phone with Dr. Evil!
The Runaway Cave. I like it. Hope this one doesn’t collapse, too.
OK, ew. Chase reminds me more and more of this guy I knew in high school.
Iraq reference. That’ll start some flame wars on the message boards.
And as soon as they mention the time machine, I know what’s coming. Peter David was right.
Ah, the cryptic warning from the future. An industry standard.
Gert’s in better shape at 35 than at 15. Guess it must be Jarvis’s cooking.
“Hisako and her X-Men” Nice confluence with Whedon’s work there.
“The greatest evil in the universe.” OK, if it ain’t Doom or Thanos, I’ll be disappointed.
Good silent panel there.
And we close with a splash. Good first issue.
Grade: A

Astonishing X-Men 8 – “Dangerous, part 2”
By Joss Whedon and John Cassaday
When in doubt, put Wolverine on the cover.
Nice jumpy panels.
Hey, I remember that shot from the movie!
Y’know, “fugly” isn’t really a favorable adaptation.
Well, there’s something you don’t see every day.Kind of a mean use of parallelism there.
Poor Scott. Even the mystery villain hates him.
I think I saw this part in “The Iron Giant.”
SWORD has a mole in the mansion. Shock of shocks.
Beast, as usual, makes a good point.
OK, less talky-talky now, more fighty-fighty.
Good defense tactics from everyone.
Getting beat up by half a Sentinel. That’s gotta bruise the ego.
“I want this thing off my lawn.” Oh, there’s gonna be an ass-kicking.
And the concept of Jihad Sentinel just went from amusing to creepy.
Reanimated corpse. Never good.
Weird. Someone came up with this theory online a couple days ago.
Shades of an old storyline, too. Hope this one works out better.
That is one long letters page.
Grade: A-

Teen Titans 21 – “The New Kid (Lights Out, part 1)”
By Geoff Johns and Mike McKone
More Identity Crisis fallout. Again, though, this bit looks like it might be handled a bit better.
Green Arrow mixes metaphors. Tsk, tsk.
And we have our setup and inner conflict, all in one page. Nice.
On to the fight scene! (Good introduction of the rest of the team, too.)
He’s got a net in his chest. I like that.
Well, dang. That has to suck.
Wait, Superboy just forgot about the guy who made Deathstroke shoot Bart in the knee? Hope this is setup for something.
Every issue is someone’s first.
She likes “Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes.” Damn, I thought I was the only person who knew that book existed.
Corny Caption Theater!
This is what Chekov called “placing the gun.”
I don’t know what’s more humiliating: being busted by The Ray, or a supervillain reduced to shoplifting.
GA’s got a lot of friends.
“Just not in big buildings shaped like a ‘T.’” I like Robin.
Johns is dancing around the AIDS thing. Might confuse some readers who haven’t been following Green Arrow.
Nice bit with the girls there.
It’s over already? I coulda sworn there were more pages.
Grade: B+

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