Sunday, March 20, 2005

Farewell, Ye Constant Servant

Took the old comp down to the curb today. I never got any serious offers for it, and it was just taking up too much floor space in my room.

Towards the end it was an old and mostly useless bastard of a machine, but I'm still going to miss it. It was my college computer, and as such, was with me through a lot of memorable times. I wrote my first comic reviews, my first short story, my first play, my two MiSTings, and several papers I'm still quite proud of on it. It was home to my ill-gotten MP3s, my Unreal Tournament and Neverwinter Nights days, and my brief dalliance into the frightening world of online dating. I got rejected by a girl on it. Stuff you don't forget.

Time marches on, as they say, and I'm at a new place in my life, one which requires more processing power than a 2000 Athlon can provide. But it was a good little comp. It did its job well, only got possessed by demons once, and didn't give me carpal tunnel. What more can you ask for?


Anonymous said...

I got rejected by a girl on it.

Its funny isn't it.
All that back and forth conversation, anticipation, nervousness, smiling... just a crazy amount of emotion running through that metal box. Its remarkable.

Having it then sit dormant in a closet (or on the curb) gives a whole new perspective.


Lena said...

I remember the first computer I threw out. It was the evil machine that made me addicted to the Internet.

Ah, good times.