Sunday, April 03, 2005

Con Report

Not a whole lot to report. I schmoozed a bit with my instructor, shook hands with Sergio Aragones and Mark Bagley, and bought some con swag (Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying and Batman/Planetary: Knight on Earth). While walking around, I ran into a couple of my classmates, and learned probably more than I ever really needed to know about Mego toys. Oh, and I saw, at one of the several DVD booths, the complete Triumph the Insult Comic Dog sketch where he ripped into fans waiting in line for Episode II.

There's an area on I guess the west side of the pavilion that's generally reserved for the internet models and pro wrestlers. There's a wall that cuts it off from the rest of the area, which makes navigation even more difficult. While maneuvering through this area at one point, I became overwhelmed by BO. Not a pleasant experience, and in general, I'm going to avoid that section in the future.

Despite that, had a good time. The next one is, I believe, simul-scheduled with the MoCCA Art Festival, which should be interesting.

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