Monday, April 04, 2005

Con Report

Had a good time on Saturday. I bought some swag (Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying TPB, the Batman/Planetary one-shot, and a bootleg of the 70's Spidey-themed album, "Rock Reflections of A Superhero"), chatted with some folks (my instructor, the good Mr. Fingeroth, and a couple of my classmates, one of whom is or was into action figure customizing, and told me more about Mego toys than I probably ever needed to know), and briefly schmoozed with some pros. I shook the hand of Sergio Aragones (nice guy), and watched Mark Bagley draw a sketch of the black-costumed Spider-Man for another fan. While Bagley was doing this, who should drop by but Walter Simonson, who stood around shooting the shit with Todd Dezago for a while while my brain just sort of shut off temporarily. Breathing the same air as a living legend is kinda cool.

Tonight, I'll be at the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art's "Inside the Comics Creators Studio" yet again, where the guest of honor will be Peter David. As always, check for info.

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