Friday, May 27, 2005

25 Places I Would Like To Have Sex

Sometimes these ideas just come upon you, no pun intended. Oh, that's bullshit, pun intended.

1. A bookstore
2. A library
3. The San Diego Comic Con (hotel rooms acceptable)
4. A hot tub
5. Her parents' bedroom
6. A moving vehicle
7. The shower in my bathroom at my parents' house (it looks a lot like the one in "Catholic School Girls In Trouble")
8. A comic book store
9. The back of a movie theater
10. A rooftop in summer
11. My roommate's bedroom (this is purely a revenge thing)
12. A patio overlooking a field, forest, or other natural scenery
13. Central Park
14. A work superior's office
15. My current living room (no, I don't care if someone walks in)
16. On a pile of money
17. A hotel room (come close to this one, but not close enough)
18. A party thrown by someone else
19. A secluded outdoor area (on a towel or blanket, of course)
20. A sporting event
21. A theater, during performance
22. On top of my own writing desk
23. The Magic Kingdom
24. The Freedom Tower, pre- or post-completion
25. My bed, right now


Joe said...

This list is so sudden. I mean, we hardly know each other. Oh, wait...this isn't directed at me, is it?

Great comment on Lena's blog. Made me spit out my coffee.

Carol Danvers said...

You ever been to San Diego Comic Con? There is a HIGH probability of you having sex at the Con - all you have to do is try just a little. Not even very hard. Last year, my guy friend that went with me had no less than 4 propositions from hot chicks with geek fetishes - and one was very very very naughty. He was too much of a wuss to take advantage (oh, wait, he's married, that's why he didn't take advantage, my bad!). Anyway - good luck on your list - most of them are not too hard to get away with! Just got to find a willing girl...

(BTW, I found your blog by way of a Technorati search for Comic Con - making my plans for this year's trip and am interested in reading what other's are saying :)

Anonymous said...

Wait wait wait! There are women out there with geek fetishes?

And no one out there told me?!

Michael said...

Been, but haven't seriously tried.

Enjoy SD this year. Nice blogav.

Jane Vincent said...

depending on your definition of sex i've done: 1,2,4,5,6,7(well, not your parents', but a catholic high school girls in trouble shower none the less), 9,10,11(again, my roommate, not yours), 12,13,14,15,16 (if you count a couple hundred as a pile), 17,18,19,20 (highschool football games my freshman year, not at taylor), and 22 (again, my desk, not yours). ha ha. i win.

Lena said...

OK, #12 is hilarious.

But #8? You geek.

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